Things to do in Sioux Falls: Sioux Falls Attractions

Neala Schwartzberg McCarten
December 29, 2013
It's almost impossible to hurry down Phillips Avenue in downtown Sioux Falls, especially between 9th and 10th Street where 19 separate pieces of sculptural art line the sidewalks. Over the five block range between 8th and 13th street, pedestrians can appreciate a total of 55 separate pieces of art. I haven't seen that much art running along side a street since the vaunted Canyon Road in Santa Fe. And that's just the start of the attractions of this South Dakota city.

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June 26, 2014
There are few things cuter than baby egrets, their feathers sticking up like a spiky halo around their heads. And few things are less likely to engender warm and fuzzies than a cold silent alligator. And yet, they are both part of the same eco-system. Both apparently important in some way, although frankly, I might give kudos to a alligator for survival, I rarely wish them well. Especially not when they stalk baby egrets.
June 1, 2014
Mitchell has long been famous for its Corn Palace, which is a venue for concerts, sports events, and exhibits. Built in 1892, the building is much more than a multi-purpose facility - it's also celebrated as a work of art.
January 17, 2013
I'm not sure how much time people spend thinking about a vacation in South Dakota, or to visiting the town of Mitchell (best known for its folk art icon - the Corn Palace). But Mitchell is certainly an offbeat place, and it is the unexpected site of an archeological exploration of the way the early native Americans lived.
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