A New Renaissance: The Changing Face of Niagara Falls NY

Tawanna Browne Smith
October 12, 2013
posted under TMS Family Travel
As a born and bred New Yorker, you'd think I would've been to Niagara Falls NY more than once in my life. Before my September trip, I'd only seen the Falls once before. But come to find out, my story is a common one. Lots of us city folk have only visited once.

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October 7, 2014
$650, $598, $800 - those are the ticket prices I pulled up when I was searching for a direct flight from Baltimore to Wilmington airport early last month. I was traveling to the Brunswick Islands, NC and the closest NC airport to this part of the coast was Wilmington. I'm not sure why ticket prices are so expensive to this small airport but they were averaging higher than what I'd pay to go further to places like Miami, Orlando, Texas and sometimes, California. The flight is only a little over an hour!
October 6, 2014
On Sunset Beach, even on a Sunday in late September, you can smell the hickory smoke wafting from someone's barbecue. The early Fall sun and an accompanying mild breeze reinforce the laid back atmosphere on the smallest isle of the Brunswick Islands. Empty beach homes still fresh with the echoes of summer sit invitingly on the oceanfront, providing a backdrop for baby boomers still lingering, enjoying a Sunday stroll, bike ride or morning jog.
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